Friday, March 31, 2017

#SewTallAndCreative Design Challenge: Inspiration & Intention

I am very excited to begin this week of Inspiration and Intention. It has warmed up here in Mississippi so I'd like to go with a short and classy look with a bit of edge. I've browsed my magazine collection and surfed a plethora of sites for this look. I may also be using some pattern pieces from my collection to help create the vision. My inspiration photos were acquired from Pinterest and do not belong to me.

My motivating force in this challenge will come from my very own gift of creativity. I truly enjoy adding a dash of surprise as I go along. As far as which fabrics I may use, the fabrics that I received are very light weight and flowy which makes them perfect choices for the dress. I tend to lean towards lighter colors in the spring and summer.

My sewing space has been tidied up and cleared for the start of my latest creation. I have also included in this photo a few of my machines that I will be using to create this piece. I am a fan of Brother machines but I own two singers (one is antique and in storage). From left to right is a Singer ProFinish serger, Brother CE1100PRW sewing machine, Brother 1034D serger, and Brother 2340CV coverstitch.

Stay tuned this weekend for snippets of my sewing space and tools and fabric photos.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The moment has finally arrived! I am super excited to begin designing and creating my dress for this design challenge. I have so many ideas swooning in my head! MARGE has some really nice fabric choices included in my goody box and I am ecstatic to see what can become of it!

Here are a few details:

The Challenge started on March 20th and will go through May 20th. On May 22nd MARGE & Tall Guides will announce a winner. I will be updating my blog as I go along. There are three other ladies who will be participating in this challenge as well. They are: Janet- DIY Wardrobe, Beth- Sew DIY, and Allison- The Tall Mama. I am happy to be collaborating with these ladies and being connected to other tall women who sew. I look forward to seeing their creations. Please stay tuned!


Friday, February 3, 2017

Model Me

My first modeling experience took place in preschool. I was 4 years old. I don't remember all the details but I'm glad that my mom captured me strutting across the stage in my canary yellow 2 piece skirt and jacket. I also had the yarn ribbons and ruffled socks to match. I think that at this moment, I knew I had it in me.

As women of height I am sure that there are two careers that people who approach us automatically place us in. We are either models or basketball players. I've never been interested in playing sports. As much as I have tried to like it, I just can't get into it. Modeling is more my speed. I love to play in hair, makeup, shoes, accessories, and clothing. I have always wanted to be a model. I never acted on the thought until I was asked to participate in a fashion show that was being hosted by the church that I attended at the time. It was a great opportunity to scratch modeling off of my bucket list. It also gave me the chance to step out of my comfort zone.

We practiced walking the runway which was way more difficult than I had assumed. Who knew walking a straight line mattered? I was all over the place. My motto was "Walk tall, don't fall". Falling was my biggest fear. There were some skilled models on hand to assist us with walking and stage presence. The clothes were provided by a local consignment shop and a designer/seamstress who both attended the church.

It was amazing watching the whole show unfold. Our hair and makeup were done by professional cosmetologists and make up artists who all attended the church. They also had professional photographers to take our photos and film the event. All in all it was a beautiful experience. I wouldn't mind doing it again. My next bucket list item is to have some of my very own creations modeled in shows and magazines.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Tall Girls Sew

After many years of complaining about how department stores and other clothing companies don’t cater to tall women, I decided to give sewing a try. January 14, 2017 marked my 3 year sewiversary! Yes, 3 years that I have been making clothing tailored to my lengthy body type and style. 

I want to share with you a few benefits of being a tall seamstress:
  •         You save lots of money by mending your own clothing.
  •         Being able to patch a hole or fix a hem is so satisfying.
  •          You can transform old favorites into new favorites.
  •          Sleeves too short? You can add cuffs!
  •         No twinsies! You don’t have to worry about someone else wearing the exact      same outfit that you’re wearing.
  •         Thrifting takes on a whole new meaning when you can buy pieces that have   potential to become something wearable.
  •    I get to wear jumpsuits that come past my ankles. That’s pretty exciting!

Now you’re probably wondering “Where do I start?” Well, you’ll need a sewing machine of course. My first machine was very simple and easy to use. It was roughly $50. You can search several retailers and sewing stores for the machine of your choice. You can always upgrade your machine as you gain more skills. The machine should come with an instructional DVD or a booklet that will walk you through threading your machine and getting it ready to sew.

Most machines come equipped with a few needles to start with. The manual will tell you which needles are required for your machine. It is suggested that needles be replaced often so I buy several at a time.

You will need a seam ripper. “What in the world is a seam ripper?” Well, a seam ripper is a beginner seamstress’s best friend. It rips the threads in fabric pieces that have been improperly stitched together. As you become more skilled you’ll rely on it less.

Next, you’ll need fabric. I purchased my first couple of yards of material from Walmart. In my opinion, they do not have the greatest selection but their fabric is great for beginners. As I became more familiar with fabrics and notions I began to shop at Hancock Fabrics, Joann’s, and several other online fabric retailers. You’ll also need an assortment of threads in different colors. You can never have too much black or white thread. I generally wait until I get my fabric to match my threads for different projects.

Pins, pins, pins! You will need plenty of pins. I recommend both long and short pins. Once pattern pieces have been cut out they have to be pinned together before being place on your machine. The pins prevent the fabric from shifting as it is being fed through the machine. Pins should be removed as you sew. I do not suggest sewing over them. They could cause needle breaks and machine jams.

Tape measures and marking chalk are also tools needed to sew. Tape measures help to find your measurements. Knowing your measurements prevents you from making items that are too large or small. It also cuts cost on having to replace fabric. Marking chalk is washable and is used to transfer pattern markings onto your fabric. You will also need an iron. Ironing out your pieces as you go gives them a professional look.

I know that this may all seem a little overwhelming. With time and patience it will very easily become your favorite hobby. Be sure to get connected. I joined several sewing groups on Facebook, and Instagram. I also began following people who love to sew. I learn so much from them and what I know, I share with them. I also rely heavily on YouTube for videos and tutorials on sewing and how to troubleshoot my machine.

I hope that this helps to get you started. I’d like to hear from you. Is there anything about sewing that you’d like me to blog about? I am open for suggestions and I will do my best to deliver.



Monday, October 31, 2016

Falling for Fall

The outfit of the day is my new favorite. I've been waiting to wear this dress since the day that I discovered it at a new nearby thrift store. My daughters and I usually go bargain hunting on Fridays so we were excited about the new store in town. 

I always skim the racks first for things that catch my attention. After that, I comb through the racks for the hidden jewels. Being tall makes it difficult to find much but when I do I'm always excited about it. 

This dress was one of the jewels that I found. I have always been attracted to prints and vibrant colors so these colors and this print was perfect for fall. It looked new! I was unsure about the length of it but for $1 what did I have to lose? 

After we got home and washed the clothes that we purchased, I tried the dress on. I was instantly pleased! The sleeves were long enough. That was a plus. All of the gold hardware was still attached and there were no signs of damage. The next step was to see if it met the length requirements. 

Although it could be a few inches longer, there was nothing that a pair of tights or stockings couldn't fix with this look. I wore a beautiful gold necklace that my brother purchased for me, gold earrings, and my rose gold Apple Watch. I kept my shoes basic because the dress did all of the talking. My makeup was a fun fall face that I created. I love bold lip colors so I went with a deep purple gloss that I purchased from Dollar General.

I hope you enjoyed this look as much as I did. Let me know what you think.



Friday, October 21, 2016


When I saw this fabric I just had to have it! I purchased it from When I look at fabric, I automatically begin thinking about what I can make with it. This particular fabric is stretchy and very colorful. It reminds me of the tropics and a nice vacation so I named my creation "Tropicana". I wanted something comfortable and easy to make so I freestyled this jumpsuit. The materials used were 2 yards of fabric, a sewing, machine, clips (for clipping the pieces together), elastic, a rotary cutter, and a serger. 

For the top, I took my chest measurements and doubled it. I created one big rectangle for that piece. The bottoms were created by tracing a pair of my favorite skinny jeans. Instead of using elastic for the cuffs, I measured my ankles and cut two strips of the scrap fabric to insert in the ankles of the pants. I plan to add pockets to the next one that I make. I wore nude sandals and a gold necklace for the final photo.

I'd love to hear from you! What are your thoughts? How would you dress up this jumper? 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Leopard Love

This beautiful leopard jacket was prepared  December 11, 2015 as a Christmas gift for my mom. It is McCall's pattern 6844 view D. I cut an XL but the sizes seem to run bigger so it fits like a 2X. I had a tough time with the collar but I eventually made it work. My mom is 6 feet tall so this pattern worked in her favor with the longer peplum. I also extended the sleeve length for added wrist coverage. The fabric is a ponte knit that I purchased from Hancock Fabrics. It's very beautiful and has a nice weight to it. There are not many pieces to this jacket so it can be put together in a few hours. It can easily be worn during the fall and winter seasons. I was so proud to be able to add in my label as well. 
How would you dress this jacket up?