Monday, June 11, 2012

Poshmark =Online thrifting= Genius!!

My closet link:

Poshmark is one of the most GENIUS apps I've downloaded to my phone to-date. I like a good bargain and I really like thrifting but the stores in my area just don't offer much. This app links me to people from all over the U.S.! I've made one bundle purchase so far and made two sales from my own closet!

For every price you set, PM takes their 20% and the rest is yours! It does not cost you to ship your items to your buyer and PM even emails you the postage paid shipping label. All you do is box up the item(s), attach the label and get it to your postman or the local post office. When you've shipped the item, go back to the app and click "Shipped". This will inform the buyer that their purchase is on the way.

When buying, you pay $7.00 shipping. I would recomend that you request the seller to bundle your items before making your purchase. This will prevent you from paying multiple shipping charges. They box up all the items you want from their closet and you pay the $7 shipping on it. When you've received your package, go to the app and click "I Got It". This lets the seller know that you received your package and at that time Poshmark releases your payment to their account.

Separation Anxiety: Some sellers set ridiculously high prices and will not budge not realizing that if they really want to sell something they'll eventually have to negotiate. If not, they may as well hang it back in their own closets. Let it go! lol

You can either keep your money in your PM account and use it to purchase items from other sellers or transfer it to your bank account for FREE.

At this point, I have no bad experience to share on PM. I like browsing through and negotiating. It's ok to ask the seller to lower the price if it is extremely too high. As a buyer/seller I try to keep in mind that the buyer will have to pay shipping so I set my prices being sensitive to that.

The land of no returns! You can not return the items that you purchase so you must be sure that you really want it. Do like it when you recieve it? Re-sell it. It's a great way to get your money back.

Currently this app is only available on the iPhone so if you have it please check out my closet =) Happy Shopping!