Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Go Green!!

My latest sewing project is complete...ok, well semi-complete. I've created the McCall's M6083 jumpsuit (view D). I say semi-complete because there are a few things that I want to work on with the inside of the suit. I do not have a serger so the inside isn't as neat as it could be. I picked green because I like the way my skin complexion compliments it. This was my first time using a pattern so it was definitely a challenge. I cut the pattern out a few day before I cut the fabric. I got confused on how to lay it all out for cutting as shown in the instructions. I soon chose to cut them my way and hope for the best. I did not cut the notches when I cut it out. As I began putting the pieces together for sewing, I realized that those notches may just be there for a reason so I went back and added then. What a relief! They helped me to get everything lined up without the headache. I wanted to gather it a little bit but those skills were under developed so I opted out of that. I didn't plan to make the belt to go along with it but I'm glad I did because it adds more elegance to it. Next time I'll add loops to hold it in place because I had a slight issue with it shifting around. I do plan to remake this piece and apply everything that I've learned to the construction of it. I love sewing! #tallgirlssew #sewfun  #gogreen #livelife #havefun