Monday, October 31, 2016

Falling for Fall

The outfit of the day is my new favorite. I've been waiting to wear this dress since the day that I discovered it at a new nearby thrift store. My daughters and I usually go bargain hunting on Fridays so we were excited about the new store in town. 

I always skim the racks first for things that catch my attention. After that, I comb through the racks for the hidden jewels. Being tall makes it difficult to find much but when I do I'm always excited about it. 

This dress was one of the jewels that I found. I have always been attracted to prints and vibrant colors so these colors and this print was perfect for fall. It looked new! I was unsure about the length of it but for $1 what did I have to lose? 

After we got home and washed the clothes that we purchased, I tried the dress on. I was instantly pleased! The sleeves were long enough. That was a plus. All of the gold hardware was still attached and there were no signs of damage. The next step was to see if it met the length requirements. 

Although it could be a few inches longer, there was nothing that a pair of tights or stockings couldn't fix with this look. I wore a beautiful gold necklace that my brother purchased for me, gold earrings, and my rose gold Apple Watch. I kept my shoes basic because the dress did all of the talking. My makeup was a fun fall face that I created. I love bold lip colors so I went with a deep purple gloss that I purchased from Dollar General.

I hope you enjoyed this look as much as I did. Let me know what you think.



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