Saturday, April 29, 2017

Concept/Initial Design Process: Sketching, Selection of Fabrics

We have reached the week of the Concept/Initial Design Process. This process includes the sketching and selection of fabrics. My fabric selections are two that I would not normally put together. However, since this design challenge is a great outlet for my creative side, I have chosen to use a pretty, sheer purple fabric as the overlay on the peach colored fabric.

This duo creates a beautiful flowy look for a day party or any spring/summer event. I had initially chosen a few patterns to use but as my creative thought process changes, so does my plans. I am considering using a pattern for the top half of the dress.

At this point, I have basted the two pieces together just to see how well they blend. I am definitely pleased! Don't forget to tune in as this challenge progresses! #SewTall&CreativeDesignChallenge2017