Monday, May 22, 2017

You Win, I Win, We All Win!

You win, I win, we all win! Thanks to Marge Clothing and Tall Guides Magazine for breathing life into this challenge. Thanks to MARGE Clothing for the gifted fabrics used to create these beautiful dresses and huge thanks for our prizes! I am extremely happy about the results! We all brought a very unique perspective to each dress and showed the world that tall girls can do it too! Thanks to Sallee Poinsette-Nash for allowing me to share my love of sewing through Tall Guides magazine. To my new tall sewing friends Allison- @the_tall_mama, Beth- @sewdiyblog, & Janet- @diy_wardrobe, we made a great team! Congrats ladies! I hope to work with you all again soon!🎉✂️🎉✂️🎉✂️#SewTallandCreative2017 #tallgirlssew

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